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Nothing to see here…just a cheeky, bright orange Alpaca beatboxing to Silent Night!

Mojo is back & bringing the sparkle this Christmas with J2O Glitterberry.

Check out our latest work for Britvic with creative by VCCP. Mojo the Alpaca was created from scratch by our team of modellers, groom artists, animators and technical directors. A fun Christmas animation we've really enjoyed making. We hope you like it!


  • Adam TrowersVFX
  • Aimee ColemanMarketing Controller
  • Aritz BerakoetxeaModeller
  • Ed MaxwellHead Of Business Development
  • Kevin TaylorLead Animator
  • Lauren MaddocksBrand Manager
  • Mark OrbineExecutive Creative Director
  • Richard BodgersAudio
  • Sandeep BainsBrand Manager
  • Shaadi JazaieAccount Director
  • Yuval TurgemanModeller
  • * FlipbookHead of Production
  • * VCCP
  • * Flipbook Studio
  • * Flipbook StudioProducer
  • * Ben HaworthCreative Director
  • * Michael TreacyEditor
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Mojo J2O Glitterberry Christmas!