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Flipbook had the pleasure of working with BJL on Beaverbrooks’ advertising campaign, celebrating the jewellers’ 100th anniversary. With a wonderful creative treatment devised by Emily Beech and Faye Gibbon from BJL, the Flipbook team produced the 30-second animation ‘Dear Love’, working on everything from character design, modelling and animation direction. The ad is now being shown across cinemas in the UK, VOD and mobile.

The animation depicts ‘love in every gift’; giving prominence to the tender and romantic moments in life which are often linked to the gift of giving jewellery. We aimed to capture all the personal memories crafted by 100 years of Beaverbrooks service to its customers.

Flipbook designed and created a variety of 3D characters for the advertisement, placing them in different seasonal environments within each scene to represent the passing of time and a pathetic fallacy.

The fluidal animation runs within the confinement of a 3D Beaverbrooks jewellery box, providing further emotional gravitas that viewers can relate to personally.

Here’s to love!


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100 Years of Beaverbrooks