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YKK, the largest zipper manufacturer in the world, came to us to help them concept and execute an art film to announce the release of their new round zipper Click-Trak technology. In the film we explore the old square zipper as a 2D aesthetic, and the new Round zipper as 3D. We showed the visual evolution of the square to the round in bold and graphic compositions and animations. We celebrated the circle in fun and playful ways while also creating sequences that visualized how easy the Click Trak technology is to use.

Date created: October 2019 2019-10-01T00:00:00+0100
Date published: 24 August 2020 2020-08-24T23:01:01+0100


  • YKKClient
  • Andy BeckerDesign
  • Darren JaffeEP
  • David DoAnimator
  • Jean HwangDesign
  • Maithy TranAnimator
  • Meira KimDesign
  • * Jason CookExecutive Creative Director
  • * Ella YoonArt Director
Annual 2020 ShortlistYKK Click TrakAnimation Project featured: on 2nd September 2020

YKK Click Trak