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Project conception, design and development towards an exhibition stand featuring a multi-touchscreen display for the Mobile World Congress 2012 event held in Barcelona, Spain. The stand design was a huge departure from what had been done for the previous four years.

This significant project involved creating and producing an user interface with user experience capabilities, working with external installation/hardware suppliers and budget supervision.

Throughout the project duration regular consultation meetings and communication updates took place across Fjord’s network of various studios worldwide with Fjord’s key senior management stakeholders from inception through to final approval.

Working with the visual themes of light, white space and shape, with reference to Fjord’s work in user experience, design & innovation, the idea of abstracting the company’s ‘wave’ brand visual motif was represented in two forms: one for the sculpted wall areas of the stand itself, and the other as an wall-mounted inset multi-touchscreen display, featuring RFID tagging technology interacting with the touchscreen interface.

With the use of white space for the exhibition stand, this allowed the touchscreen display and RFID tagging technology to take centre stage and showcase just exactly what Fjord is all about.

Additional stand features included backlit wall-mounted fret-cut acrylic for the company logo, within the sculpted wall areas concealed wall-mounted LED strip lighting featuring timed five colour switch illumination, 6 x RFID tagged custom-made acrylic pieces with 4 x custom made wall-mounted iPad cases for iPad display.

This stand encapsulated the very best of what Fjord does within a relatively compact space – User Experience, Design & Innovation.

The exhibition stand received tremendous reception and critical acclaim throughout the four days of the exhibition event, which also received national Spanish media coverage (TVE – Televisión Española), with being literally swarmed by visitors on the opening evening night drinks event.

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