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We spent most of the past year in our homes, hibernating and isolating from the world, enduring a long, cold, lonely winter - but finally we can see light at the end of the tunnel.

B&Q’s spring campaign draws on the hope that spring brings with it - but even more so this year. The hope that the sun will shine, flowers will bloom, and we can see friends and family again.

Our brief was to take the approved creative concept for this campaign and create assets that worked hard within their specific ad formats to create brand uplift and awareness of the plant range at B&Q. We knew that while B&Q outdoor performs well in nearly every corner of the market, plant shoppers tend to overlook B&Q. We needed to show seasoned gardeners that B&Q is as good quality as dedicated garden centres, and that they have the same breadth of range. We needed to gain trust and drive consideration.

The Youtube pre-roll utilised the master image, a range of plants and flowers creating an ombre effect, alongside still images and text animation to tell a story of quality and range that speaks directly to those with a love of gardening, evoking a sense of hope while landing key sales messages. This approach was also used across animated digital display formats.

The results so far have been impressive, achieving a result branded best in class by Google with a 2.5% brand lift on Youtube. As well as brand lift, a test on keyword search lift demonstrated a 414% lift for the keyword ‘B&Q garden’ as a result of the Youtube ad. Bloomin’ marvellous!

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B&Q Brightens Up the Nation for Spring