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Logged into multiple platforms across a mosaic world of their own making, Generation Z is shaping how retail functions in our world today – shopping is far more than just purchasing a product; it needs to be an experience which delights, and one worth sharing. With its famous ‘Have a Break’ strapline, Nestlé’s KitKat launched in Brazil in 2012, proving a popular choice with local consumers despite strong local competition.

KitKat wanted to encourage community and shareability while reaching the key Generation Z audience, and so partnered with global design consultancy FITCH to help create a truly memorable flagship store experience in São Paulo - the first KitKat Chocolatory in Latin America.

FITCH evolved the KitKat Chocolatory concept in an entirely new way for this market. The target audience inspired the environment design to transcend the physical and offer moments of play through a ream of different digital touchpoints, also designed and developed by FITCH.

‘The Break Society Café’ integrates the KitKat experience with Brazil’s coffee culture. It offers a space to break, but also to customise selfies or even create bespoke KitKat desserts, as well as showcasing unique pairings of Nespresso coffee with KitKat confectionery flavours. It is completely within the individual’s desire to enjoy how they like and create their own break.

The signature pick ‘n’ mix tube positioned at the heart of the store not only wows shoppers as they arrive and acts as a rich backdrop for selfies and pictures, it also has a surprise Chocolatory Virtual Reality break experience inside. Shoppers can take a journey through outer space and explore the KitKat factory, as well as the 18 different flavours. Snapchat Augmented Reality filter games pepper the store and a KitKat vending machine game encourages shoppers to get competitive and win prizes.

Confectionery theatre thrills customers as they watch expert flavour ambassadors create bespoke products. Shoppers interact with touchscreens to customise confectionery with personal messages, and they can even print a photo of their choice onto a KitKat, creating memorable moments and keepsakes to take away with them.

Drawing on the iconic ‘Have a Break’ tagline, this truly omnichannel retail experience is a blend of innovation, theatre and community, produced through a seamless execution of FITCH’s PHD (Physical, Human and Digital) strategy. The abundance of bright colours and spectacular features throughout the inner workings of the store honours the huge portfolio of KitKat flavours, and the innovative spirit of Nestlé.

Integrating the playful, the product and the pleasure of enjoying a break into one physical outlet has produced a unique manifestation of the KitKat brand: iconic, innovative and synonymous with socialising. The ultimate break mecca, The KitKat Chocolatory São Paulo flagship experience has brought life and magic to the future of the brand.


Architect: Leonetti Piemonte Arquitetura
GC: Scenic Furniture Fabricators
Design: FITCH
Experiential concept: FITCH
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