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To launch the latest adidas Football Predator boot, we created a dynamic and disruptive film that places the product at its core. Taking inspiration from the ways in which a real predator stalks and hunts its prey in the wild, the aim was to thrill fans of the iconic boot and bring the Predator to life.

Scenes of brutal darkness contrast with fast-paced outbursts of explosive colour to portray the duality of the predator, showcasing its unwavering focus and deadly precision. Dynamic camera angles and movement capture the boot's unpredictability and barbaric attitude, whilst macro shots enhance the life-like qualities of its high-tech attributes. Transitions between harsh and subtle lighting create intriguing glimpses of the product, creating the sense of a predator lurking and waiting to strike.

Using found sound effects, we art directed a bespoke audio soundtrack designed to augment the viewers’ experience, keeping them on edge using silence, eerie builds, and uncontrollable pulses.

The product film was launched with a global instore and online campaign on 22 November 2017. It featured on adidas Football social channels, as well as the adidas website and app.

adidas Football has called the Predator product film their most successful product video to date, with over 150,000 views within two hours of being posted on @adidas_Football Instagram. The video now has over 707k Instagram views.

Creative Director - Ben Schosmann
Project Manager - Lucca Bergallo
Production Company & Animation Studio - Woodblock
Producer - Konrad Weser
Artists - Fabian Pross, Ilija Brunck, Csaba Letay, Michael Heberlein,
Roman Kälin, Elias Asisi, Christoph Zippel, Ivan Vasiljevic,
Vlada Jurisic, Josip Vrandecic
Music & Sound Design - TRO

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Date published: 26 July 2018 2018-07-26T09:35:04+0100


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