Cannes Lions 2017: Leveraging human memory with Fitch

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We sat down with an expert panel consisting of; Dominique Bonnafoux, Senior Strategist at Fitch, Mike Reed, Founder and Creative Director at Reed Words, Jason Bruges, Founder and Creative Director at Jason Bruges Studio and  Per Sederberg, Neuroscientist at Ohio State University at Havas Cafe during Cannes Lions to talk about the importance of human memory in a visually overloaded world.

"When you create a brand you’re creating a set of memories" - Mike Reed 

Combining the desire to create future memories and the research on how memories are created by Per Sederberg, Fitch discovered how to achieve a better creative response. By exploring how perception and memory are shaped by the context of our experiences, Fitch discovered a balance between familiarity and peculiarity that will help to leverage the science behind human memories to create a lasting impact and experience on audiences.




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