Felix Proctor 3D Designer


How can I counter our throwaway mentality towards household electronics?
For this self initiated project, I decided to examine everyday household items both in terms of function and our relationship with them. I wanted to move away from the throwaway mentality we have towards electronics and create something that is simple, adaptable and more environmentally conscious.
I chose a speaker and a clock - two objects often merely regarded in terms of their function - transforming them almost into beautiful objects. Driven by the idea of adaptability, I wanted to create an aesthetic that would fit comfortably within a space, while still retaining some character through colour and texture.
Adaptability also lead to more environmental considerations with the core material being made from recycled HDPE, as well as all the parts being removable (encouraging users to fix broken items instead of throw them away)

Date created: November 2018 2018-11-01T00:00:00+0000
Date published: 2 November 2019 2019-11-02T19:11:56+0000
Project featured: on 2nd November 2019

Recycled plastic Speaker & Clock