Felipe Gaúcho Creative Director


This holiday season, Coca-Cola via Geometry Global, launched the video, “Christmas Together Rules”, that sums up the activation created in partnership with its key account Azul Airlines.

Passengers who flew Azul Airlines in December were invited to write Christmas cards and decorate Christmas trees when arriving at Viracopos International Airport. Then, the cards were attached to presents and sent to charity institutions. After that, a Christmas dinner was served by some flight attendants.

Following the concept of Coca-Cola TV spot “Christmas Rules”, the web video highlights the affirmative values behind every rule, such as “Don't let your traditions fade away”, “Each present deserves a card”, “Everyone helps each other” and “Anything is possible at Christmas”.

With the slogan “Rules have a special taste when we’re together”, the activation has become a video with more than 2 million views in one week.


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Project featured: on 5th February 2019

Christmas Together Rules