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FedUP Studio Lab is an ethical and inclusive animation studio with the goal to change the world and create meaningful content for our clients, our community and the planet. Done are the days with futile time-consuming workflows. We are here to make the best of yours and our time. To create great stories in a brilliant new way.
FedUP is a studio that understands that the best animation is built on foundations designed to reduce complexity and eliminate every pain point we’ve experienced in decades of hard work.  
Less frustration, better animation. That’s the positive power of being FedUP. 
FedUP Studio Lab is a new business... but not new in the business. From London to Berlin, São Paulo to Barcelona, FedUP is an international team that works across languages to deliver experience and expertise in motion graphics, animation, video production, design, the visual arts, sound design, storyboarding and VFX.
At FedUP, we believe the kindest companies deserve the coolest content. We only work on projects that share our social, environmental, ethical and artistic values, taking our clients to places they’ve never been before via new creative routes.

We are different because:
We care about our people and our community. We are an ethical and inclusive animation studio, focused on creating better, fairer ways of working.
We care about our clients. Our aim is to improve the animation industry and we believe the kindest companies deserve the coolest content.
We combine the traditional, handmade and analogue animation with state-of-the-art digital techniques – integration.



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Animation, Design, Film (Short / Documentary)


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