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Well where do I start

Yeah that's me growing up in an Italian small town, I have been lucky though, cause I had a gift, I was able to draw, to see the world in a different way, and to joke about stuff that pissed me off.

And here I am pursuing an artistic career, Graphic design in high school, Fine Arts at uni, and advertising art direction in London, needless to say that a career in advertising in London is pretty much unpursuable if you can't afford to be working only a month every 6 (stupid internships), or if you really don't like begging pretentious creative directors for a job, spending every second of your life readjusting your portfolio to please their ego, and never get anything out of it.

All the above could be totally fine if you're passionate and driven about making adverts for big corps that have no interest in making anything interesting, and to devote all your creative energy for ideas that will be destroyed review after review.

Yeah, not for me. Call me lazy, call me cynical, but I wasn't happy. I was depressed, underweight and tired, it wasn't easy, cause I was about to give up on a career I had worked so hard for, but, again I wasn't happy. So I did it, I found a regular 9 to 5 job, with lovely people who aprpeciate my time and efforts, a job that gave me money and time to work on my personal projects, cause man drawing and writing silly jokes made me happy, so happy, and other people loved them too, at that point I'm like yeah that's my purpose, being silly and make people smile joking about relatable struggles is my way to go.


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