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Brief: Much like the rest of the world, Malaysia has been severely affected by Covid-19 for most of 2020. But, with Merdeka (National Day) and Malaysia Day just around the corner, RHB needs to send out a strong and resonating message that befits the Bank's status as a challenger brand during this period of celebration, to uplift spirits and encourage Malaysians as the nation continues to recover from the pandemic and its aftermath.

Idea: Titled 'For the Greater Good', the film draws inspiration from how Malaysians, despite living in a multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-religion country, had always been able to overcome challenges together by doing good for and with one another.

So, to encourage Malaysians to continue the doing the good work so that the nation can triumph over its biggest obstacle to date and rebuild, we painted a world where progress always stems from our positive actions and gestures. The film depicts a series of events showing individual Malaysians making the choice to do good and going out of their way to extend kindness to one another, even when it’s easier to do otherwise. The film then culminates with an act of unity, people coming together for the greater good to help reopen the doors that were shut to mark a brand-new beginning.

Results: As of 24 August 2020, 13 days since the spot was launched on RHB Bank's social media channels and Youtube, the film has garnered over 10 million views, over 2,000 shares, and over 33,000 engagements... and the numbers are still growing by the day. The film has been featured in countless of media articles both nationally and regionally. To watch the original upload of the film (in Bahasa Malaysia language), you may search for "RHB Group Merdeka 2020" on YouTube.

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Malaysia National Day 2020 film for RHB Bank