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The Brief: To develop a brand equity film that celebrates Mother's Day 2021 while bringing to life Darlie's brand belief of ' ' in a way that resonates with Malaysian mothers.

The Strategy: We knew we had to first identify a tension that mothers can relate to. Our insight stemmed from the brand's belief of ' ' - something that is foreign to most, if not all mothers. Why? Because the scrutiny and pressure placed on a mother are immense; they are constantly weighed down by expectations of how they should act and what they should do as a mother. This causes them to feel inadequate, insecure and unconfident.

With a clear tension point established, we set out to produce a film that would reset all expectations on a mother. Through this spot, we wanted to remind mums that it’s impossible to be perfect and to please everyone around us, and that by doing their best as mothers will always be perfect enough, especially to the ones who call them ‘mum’.

The Result: Close to 4 million views and counting, with over 2,000 engagements. This spot was also featured in AdForum's Top 5 Best Ads Worldwide in May 2021.

Date created: April 2021 2021-04-01T00:00:00+0100
Date published: 30 June 2021 2021-06-30T20:20:03+0100


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Project featured: on 2nd July 2021

Darlie Mother's Day 2021: Expectations