Our challenge? To make football the no.1 sport for girls across Europe by 2020. Our research showed that girls enjoy football until they’re 12 when cultural pressures and societal norms kick in and it is no longer a ‘cool’ thing to do. It’s seen as rubbish and butch. For teens, the image problem meant this was game over. To get girls playing, we needed to this shift perception by improving visibility and providing an aspirational and relevant image of women’s football.

Together #WePlayStrong is a social media led campaign, supported by 55 national associations, across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snap, TikTok and Giphy. We created a new visual language for football, creating stickers, gifs and lenses which were distributed on platforms our audience actively use, enabling them co-create and share. Influencers from the world of football and beyond lent their voice to #WePlayStrong to encourage girls to play.

The campaign has achieved over 1BN views and 2BN impressions to date, and 75% of those that saw the campaign said that they would now play football.

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