Fabio Scaglione Motion Graphic Designer


Stop Motion music video made for the producer Comakid.

“May” is an earful of wonder. With this track, Comakid skilfully paints a soundscape rich of grainy textures and emotional impact.

Comakid shares about “May”:

"The original feeling that inspired this particular song was that sense of excitement and hope - oftentimes illusory - that comes with daydreaming about potential things that can happen in the future. Sensing for a moment that the array of infinite possibilities that we hope for can actually happen for real.

The song isn't about whether these things become reality or not, but rather the moment of realisation that they may happen; It's really about that feeling happening in a split second, hence “May” has a hopeful, energetic, anticipating and enthusiastic feel."

Written, produced and mixed by Comakid.
Animation by Fabio Scaglione
Mastered Planet Sound Mastering.
Vocal chops by Ambre Parrilli.
Out for Sinematic.


  • North Note LimitedClient
Project featured: on 28th July 2021

Comakid - May