About me

For my current and past work in Graphics/Animation please refer to my design archive at rebrand dot ly slash eustaquio

My pertinent experience and skills for the posted position include:

+Work experience in advertising and design agencies

I created the corporate identity for both Smart Living City - Dubai 2015 (under the patronage of Prince Hamdan) and the first City Innovate - San Francisco, which was spearheaded by the late, great Mayor Ed Lee. I came up with marketing materials for both on very short notice and without any complaints as I enjoyed working with my boss and the job itself. Finally, I also flew to Dubai to help man the event including coordinating with printers, sounds and lights and assisting with stage direction.

I was an art director for new businesses at Cheil. I designed EDMs (e-mail campaigns) for Samsung and hard coded them in HTML. Aside from Samsung projects, I also designed websites, UI for apps, advertisements, logos and templates for major clients like Kakao Talk, Powersites, Yellow pages, Movi app, SM Privado, Rustan's, Philippine Veteran's Bank and BPI Philam Insurance. At B+C Design, I mostly designed print materials for luxury brands and real estate companies. I also created a website for the Young President's Organization in the Philippines, a T-shirt for the World Wildlife fund and posters for the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

+Experience in Animation and Flash

I was an animator at MediaPool, Inc. for our giant LED. I mostly animated static layouts from our Globe Telecom account. I also used Macromedia Flash which was essentially the same as Adobe Animate's programming and timeline. I also art directed, designed and developed our animated home page, which became useful for clients who were looking for billboard and LED locations for their out-of-home ads.

+Experience in Wordpress

Recently, I designed the wordpress of the new House of Dreams (children's home) in Cebu, Young Future's Project Smile and other projects. At investvine, I was responsible for migrating and implementing the new wordpress website using a Divi template. I also animated some ads and segments for news videos using Adobe After Effects.

+I prioritize learning and creating solutions with equanimity as my main motivation to excel

+I am good listener and can easily empathize with the people I engage with at work.

+I make it a point to be fully dedicated to any assigned task or project. I work well under pressure and take each obstacle as an opportunity for character building.

+I enjoy working with a team and find every challenge as an opportunity to bond with them and learn from others no matter what language or culture.

+I enjoy offering pro-bono design work for NGOs and environmental organizations such as websites for CCF church, alaypagasa as well as t-shirts/posters for the Cultural Center of the Philippines (Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra) and World Wildlife Fund.

+I am easily nomadic and willing to re-locate to Mandaluyong for the sake of strict time compliance and close collaboration. As such, I have also been committed to a 5 am Vipassana meditation daily as the heart of my daily routine.

Creativepool member since 9 August 2019