Felipe Faundez Head of Art


We needed to re-establish the Royal Air Force as an employer brand. As one RAF – a ‘new’ single organisation where you can choose to commit either full-time or in your spare time. We also needed to banish the perception that the RAF are just about fast jets and pilots by demonstrating the diverse variety of roles they offers. And communicate this to a broad target audience of 16-34 year olds.

Our solution was to create a fully integrated campaign – covering TV, radio, targeted online media and a YouTube trailer – with an interactive mission ‘Operation X’ at its heart.

The mission is an immersive experience, where users join real RAF personnel as they respond to a humanitarian crisis. During the mission they can discover roles, examine equipment, test their skills and explore 360° environments. They can then find out more about their favoured roles on the newly created RAF careers website. And share the experience with others.

Early results show high levels of engagement, with the average user spending more than eight minutes on the site.


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RAF Recruitment Campaign