Eric Jordan Creative Director, Designer, Motion Artist


Director David Jung, (The Possession of Michael King, 2014 & Genre Summit, 2016) reached out to Eric Jordan in 2018 with an ambitious short film they had in development entitled “ROAM” (Rider of Another Mortal). The film is set in a science fiction cyberpunk universe where the wealthy inhabit the bodies of the young via a consciousness-projection technology developed by a nefarious mega-corporation called “ROAM”. Catering to the extremely wealthy and privileged, ROAM Corporation offers a very elite service in which their cutting edge technology can place you into another body. ROAM harvests the bodies of young adults, often the homeless that won’t be missed, but soon, their operation will branch out and everyone will be at risk. The only one that can stop them is a young woman named November. Once a victim of their operation, she plans to destroy the technology, before it destroys humanity. David Jung had written and developed the concept of ROAM as a labor of love, with a vision of evolving it into a full length feature and/or a future series. Eric Jordan joined the ROAM production team to direct and animate the film’s opening title sequence, which consists of scenes and elements designed, modelled and animated in Cinema 4D and the Redshift render engine. The sequence incorporates deep metaphysical, hermetic, and gnostic themes of the various levels of reality to tie together the themes of death, the netherworld, and the astral realm. ROAM has since gone on to win over 30+ film awards at several top film festivals.


Bloodstained Indie Film Festival Winner, Best Sci-Fi Short Nominee, Coolest Scene
Festigious International Film Festival Winner, Best Sci-Fi Winner, Best Visual Effects
Golden Gate International Film Festival Winner, Best Horror/Sci-Fi Winner, Best Visual Effects Nominee, Best Actor, Female Nomin
Great Lakes Film Festival Winner, Narrative Shorts
Hollywood Verge Film Awards Winner, Best Sci-Fi Film Nominee, Best Director Nominee, Best Production Design
Independent Shorts Awards Winner, Film of the Month: Award of Excellence (Special Jury Mention) Winner, Best Sci-Fi Short
International Independent Film Awards Winner, Best Narrative Short
London Independent Film Awards Winner, Best Horror/Thriller/Sci-Fi Short
Los Angeles Film Awards Winner, LAFA October Award, Best Sci-Fi
Montreal Independent Film Festival Winner, Best Science Fiction
Sicily Independent Film Awards Winner, Sicily Independent Film Award, Best Science Fiction
Sweden Film Awards Nominee, Sweden Film Award, Best Short Film
Top Shorts Film Festival Winner, October Award, Best Film of the Month, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Sci-Fi
Venice Film Awards Winner, October Award, Best Director, Best Short Film


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