Eren Butler Art director & graphic designer


Handwoven Contemporary Tiled Rugs

Keleem is a collaboration between Eren and her architect husband, Selim. The brand name derives from the phonetic spelling of the word 'kilim', a flat tapestry-woven rug. The logo for the brand intends to capture Keleem's nature of rug tiling.

The first Keleem collection consist of a modular graphic series of rugs with a subtle balance between contemporary and traditional. The modular use of simple patterns in Keleem designs enables the creation of a vast array of compositions, making each rug unique. Keleem rugs are made from 100% organic handspun wool, using natural dyes from plant sources that generate varying shades and hues. Though Keleem colours are never uniform, they are unvaryingly rich in colour and tone. The differences and irregularities that occur as a result of natural dyes and the handweaving process are an essential part of the design.

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