A social campaign that broke the mould with video, email and direct mail.

The Challenge
Google runs a global programme called Google Partners, which delivers training and education to thousands of digital advertising agencies. Engagement with agencies through social channels is absolutely crucial, to keep them engaged and up to date with the programme. Our challenge was to provide a fresh approach to reconnect, recharge and reestablish the primacy of Partners for key audiences.

Or to put it another way: to generate excitement and participation.

The Solution
Through measuring engagement with previous posts, we learned that agencies respond more to content that allows them to self-promote. Agencies are rightly proud of their people and like to talk about them. For this campaign, we would put the agency front and center and give them the ammunition and incentive to shout about themselves.

#WeArePartners was a visual campaign that made participation quick and easy. Agencies were asked to share a selfie of their team to the @GooglePartners handle, showing off what makes them unique.

The competition was announced through email and Twitter using GIFs and video. We also sent a DM to select agencies, which included a ‘selfie pack’ full of fun props and stickers. This encouraged agencies to get creative with their ‘selfies’ and to share them on social.

And the permission to post a humble-brag about their partnership with Google resulted in over 500 entries. The twitter feed was lined with innovative selfies from agencies from around the globe.

To keep awareness and engagement high, we shared regular highlight reels of the best submissions throughout the campaign. The most creative entries won a customised animated video that celebrated their agency, which was shared on the Google Partners social channels.

The campaign was extremely successful, in terms of engagement numbers, quality of responses on social channels and it was recognized by Google as a major success for its effectiveness.

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