When Covid hit and lockdown began, Google events were turned upside down. All of their live events had to move to online, at the same time they were locked out of their recording studio.

When “coming to you live” became “coming to you from an ancient personal laptop”, quality predictably nosedived.

Screens were blurry. Speakers were sitting too close to the camera. Audio dipped in and out, and even when it was in you could hear the washing machine blaring in the background.

Google didn’t become Google by putting out fuzzy video. If their events were going to go digital, they needed them to look the part. They needed a quick, scalable, and effective solution.

So Hawkeye gave them one, with the SpeaKIT.

A studio in a box, SpeaKIT brings professional sound to amateur set-ups.

From audio equipment, to lighting, to recording equipment, it packs a plush studio into a tiny box.

SpeaKIT also arrives with a stylish branding asset (a live album), and detailed instructions on how to present online.

The finishing touch was a 1:1 meeting between each speaker and our art director, to frame their shot to perfection. Every home set-up is different, but these sessions brought consistency and polish to the end product.

The result? Studio quality, from the kitchen table.

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Date published: 10 June 2021 2021-06-10T15:40:31+0100


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