Revolutions don’t happen because a change has happened, revolutions happen because change isn’t happening fast enough. And when the forces of change become so irresistible that the old ideas, the old models, and the old institutions start to look flawed. Nothing changes, then suddenly everything changes.

The way we consume media nowadays is unprecedented. Whether we’re on the train, at the gym or eating lunch we’re watching on phones and laptops. When we watch TV we do so with a second, third, fourth screen nearby all fighting for our attention.

With this in mind, Offscript was established with the vision of creating broadcast quality, narrative-driven branded and sponsored content. Together, founders Independent News & Media (INM) and production company Shinawil are raising the bar on the quality and variety of content that brands serve to their audiences, and they needed a look that would back this up.

We wanted to create a logo that looks at home on a protest placard or a business card. It needed to be direct, disruptive, and driven, and at the same time trustworthy.

Music has fueled countless thoughts and ideas in our studio, and this time as the words “The revolution will not be televised” flowed through the speaker, magic happened. Music met inspiration as paper met ink, and charcoal, and spray-paint and scalpel as we took our work away from the screen in favour of a more guerilla approach.

The result is the sharp open brackets of the Offscript mark. It turns the normally clean-cut combination of black and white on its head with the rough edges and lines, while the yellow elements stand for the stories which bring colour to the brand. Textures are all hand created but used in a subtle way – bringing personality rather than visual noise.

“I want to get that mark as a tattoo”. There’s no higher compliment to a logo than the desire to solidify its permanence. This resulted in several incredibly happy clients and possibly a tattoo appointment for one of them.

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