We all know the ad campaign "A Puppy is NOT for Xmas". Well, we decided to change that, raising awareness that some dogs don't have homes this Xmas through some branded retro tech this festive season.

So how do you build awareness, and money for a dog charity, build on our brand and maintain a reputation of great creative/DM at this festive time of year? You create the 'MEGABITES" of course.
A retro (Epsilon branded Tamagotchi) puppy that you play with, care for, love, adore, and eventually ignore. Along with different personas to choose from, top trump style cards, and laptop stickers to bring each individual character to life.

Every image upload online with you and your character nets a £20/euro donation to Dogs Trust. And the best two images get a hefty £1,000 donation made in their name.

Each digital pet arrives in a custom-built dog house (complete with door flap), and its very own doggy bed to lay on.

So all concepting, design, and copy was produced in-house at our studio. Then we boxed them up and delivered them to our clients ourselves (with a couple of the office dogs in tow).

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