The design idea for the WHALE TAIL Bench starts from the maritime context, a place for which it has been designed, using technology and materials typical of nautical engineering.
Inspired by marine life, it is capable of awakening emotions in urban and natural environments.
A bench of elegant simplicity with organic shapes that not only fulfils the function of a seat but also provides an aesthetic value when it is placed in the urban space: seafronts, ports, squares, streets and boulevards.
Its minimalist modern and functional design has been reduced to the minimum expression: a single support.


  • Enrique MinguezClient
  • Andrea López GarrePlanimetry
  • David FrutosPhotography
  • David Maestre3d modeller
  • Enrique Mínguez MartínezProduction Manager
  • Mario González SaavedraContent creator
  • * QZ Urban Furniture
  • * Antonio Pérez RacioneroAbogado
Annual 2022 BronzeWhale Tail BenchProduct / Industrial Project featured: on 14th July 2022 Contributor:

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Whale Tail Bench