About me

As a young professional, I am always striving to think of new ways to approach problems. I enjoy working with strict briefs but also thrive when given more creative freedom. When at university I always enjoyed pitching new ideas to my peers and tutors, I lead the development of our films and offered solutions to problems we faced - which meant we could enter new productions with contingency plans in place had we have faced those problems again. I prefer to plan out my time and organise my work so that I can think clearly and work efficiently.

I have a passion for creating content for social media. I love making films and video content, alongside writing and creating captivating and interesting imagery. I am always developing my personal style and exploring new creative outputs.

I believe the skills I have are transferable and have for the past few years been building up my skills to be able to confidently transition into a career. My career goal is to excel and take on more responsibilities within a professional environment.

Looking to relocate to Manchester


Copywriting, Film, Filming, Marketing, Writing

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Perm, Freelance, Remote
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Junior, Middleweight
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