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The task was to create full brand identity including logo and key image visuals which can represent the values and the mission of a startup mechanical watch brand. Тo communicate classical look with future vision with which we can create memorable awareness.
The primary target is male 27-37 working in a corporate environment, interested in lux- ury lifestyle and trends.
We want our brand voice to represent luxury and classical style and integrated into the new trends

If you want to represent a classical look, you should use classical methods. “Aeoni- os” comes from the Greek language and it means “everlasting”, so I decided to use a visual art that will be always eternal and that is ‘‘Calligraphy”.

What I have looked for examples is that most of the brands in that sector are using only typography or initials. It is rarely brands to use colour, so I decided to keep it graphical black and white. Keeping my style and represent it with a clean, elegant and minimalistic design. I made the visions with consistent design, serious and extremely clean look. I made horizontal, vertical with silver and gold versions. And on a subcon- scious level recalls you to desire this product and lifestyle.

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Date published: 9 August 2019 2019-08-09T20:37:11+0100


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