Emanuil Genov graphic designer


The job is to come up with an advertising look and slogan for the Bi-xenon (a type of car headlamp with much better dipped beam and high beam) headlights for Mazda (I left you the logo in eps format)
See Audi, Focus and Volvo solutions. You need to come up with a whole new creative direction to distinguish yourself from the competition.
The formats you should work in:
Press - 210x270mm uncut, right, 5mm trim on three sides.
Billboard - 4x3m, match the text and vision with 10cm pizzas on all sides.

We like to be part of hype or some kind of a big issue or cause. We follow the trends and modern people try to catch up anyhow.

Inspired by this insight and driven by the idea to find something interesting to say and to say it in a interesting way, I decided to create “bulb” ad. Which will prompt you to catch up and not to lose momentum. That “Mazda” is on the top of the wave and you are on the perfect timing to catch it.

Date created: August 2019 2019-08-01T00:00:00+0100
Date published: 9 August 2019 2019-08-09T20:39:06+0100





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