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Create a Bulgarian banknote for the “Balkan” bank, which is operating in the five Bal- kan countries. Try somehow to unite those five countries and meanwhile the banknote should represent the country that you are designing it for.

It was a made-up bank, Balkan bank and the brief was given by a short course in Sofia, Bulgaria in the National Academy of Arts. The deadline was two weeks.

I started my research and I was thinking of a modern and contemporary banknote with a different form and shape, expressing composers and music. Afterwards, the direc- tion I took was completely different because I decided that music is hard to express with colour, only Scriabin tried. And I accepted it as a real project that is why I choose Bulgarian painter, who is famous for drawing women only. The five circles are repre- senting the five countries in the Balkans. The watermarks that I have used match the composition of the banknote. And all those yellow dots are used in every banknote around the world.

Date created: February 2019 2019-02-01T00:00:00+0000
Date published: 9 August 2019 2019-08-09T20:32:11+0100


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