Working alongside Adjaye Associates and One Dot Zero, ELSE were asked to create the online experience for Spyscape — a new brand that aims to explore the balance between privacy and security in the modern, digital age.
Spyscape has a clear and exciting ambition, to redefine the museum experience for today, to create a space that is more personal connected and contemporary. A place in which learning becomes a subtle blend of exposition, entertainment and engagement.
Digital channels will play critical role in bringing this experience to life and ensuring that the brand can be experienced outside of the traditional physical engagement window of the museum trip itself.
Redefining the museum experience offers an exciting opportunity to really question how digital can extend the reach and prepare people for what will be a truly immersive experience. The idea that every visit feels personal and therefore different will make for an interesting measure for the new website.
Spyscape. com is the digital home of the Spyscape brand universe. As well as promoting visits to the museum it will become the go-to source for all things espionage.
The experience will educate people about their own privacy and security online, demonstrating how various espionage skills are relevant to all of us and subsequently encourage people to build their own spy profile so they can better understand their interests.



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Exploring balance between privacy and security in the modern, digital age



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