Oakam is a UK financial lender catering for the under banked and small businesses. Else has been tasked with helping Oakam build a new digital arm to it’s business.

The aim is to treat customers with flexibility and fairness; imbuing the qualities of interaction with Oakam’s retail store staff.

Bad press has clouded the industry in recent years – lack of transparency and high fees leading to diminishing trust from the consumer. Many short-term loans companies have been forced to close or re-position themselves.

Oakam want to communicate their story and prove they view customers as people and not numbers.

Else began by spending time in-store, here it became evident that Oakam’s impassioned staff and customers were the life-blood of the brand.

The unique in-store relationship between staff and customer, was something which needed to be woven into the digital experience.

Else was able to work closely with the client to create an application that is not only clear and easy to use, but also promotes a hand holding experience from start to finish. Educating the user on the decisions they can make within the app whilst moving them to a future of improved financial wellbeing.

The app has had almost 2000 downloads in two months since launch on iOS
In week one the Oakam app averaged 4.5 stars in the Appstore.

5 stars - “Clear and easy to use. Helpful information”
5 stars - “Very informative about Oakam and their products”


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