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With offices in Edinburgh, New Delhi, and Nairobi, the Global Alliance for Livestock Veterinary Medicines (GALVmed) protects livestock and human lives through the development of accessible and affordable vaccines, diagnostics, and medicines.

While GALVmed has grown substantially in the past five years, their communications have remained outdated and difficult to use. GALVmed found that only 15-25% of its website users thought the website was fast, attractive, and provided information that was needed.

GALVmed’s new mobile-friendly website is praised because of its high-quality imagery, ease of backend updating, and responsivity. Through this new website, GALVmed can connect to anyone anywhere and is able to send more of its information to other countries. The new website provides all information in a clean and organised fashion, while inspiring donors, partners, and vaccine manufacturers and distributors to engage with GALVmed.


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