Ellie Hubble Senior Copywriter


The brief:
The digital security provider Sectigo wanted to communicate directly with a niche audience and encourage them to sign up for a demo through direct mail.

The approach:
We learnt that the audience was extremely busy and inundated with demo requests and tech emails daily, so we needed a way of standing out. Working closely with the design lead, I came up with the idea of sending a completed to-do list, made possible thanks to Sectigo. Recipients would receive what looked like a postcard in the post, which would open up into a comically long “to-done” list, filled with tasks specifically relevant to them.

The result:
A run-of-the-mill marketing message (sign up for a demo), turned into an exciting and playful brand interaction. This project was a lot of fun (you should see some of the wacky concepts that didn't make the cut) but it was also a good reminder that there’s no such thing as a “boring” client if they’re keen to get creative.


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Sectigo "To-Done" List Direct Mail



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