Ellie Holder Graphic Designer


For this project, I studied the Swiss/ International Typographic Styles. I experimented with the grid layout, and designed different brochures with the same content but targeted at different audiences.

Design one
This design is an A4 bifold brochure. I chose a simple colour palette, reducing all the photographs to greyscale. I then used a bright, Pantone pink/red for accents/emphasis, such as titles and subtitles. I think the result has quite a stylish, modern look to it. I also made an effort to go against my natural instinct to fill up the pages, by using more white space which gives the leaflet a cleaner, airy feel. I chose the red colour as the Booth's existing signage is all red (and hand painted) but I made it brighter and slightly pink to bring it into the twenty-first century.

Design two
I tried to make this design brighter, and more engaging; bearing in mind that many of the Booth's visitors are families with young children. I used vibrant colours, which might appeal more to the museum's younger audience. I also used more images, and this time in full colour, on a background of bright yellow and blue. The format of this brochure is an A5 bifold leaflet.

Design three
For my Swiss Style/ International Typographic Style design, I used lots of blocks of contrasting white and red for the background. On the front cover I used a greyscale image as I felt this was truest to the style, though I did use some coloured images inside the spread to show off the museum's collection. In keeping with the Swiss style, I made sure to use the grid system, and align all aspects of the layout to this. Also true to the Swiss style, I have used Helvetica throughout. As a stylistic choice, I also made sure to use white space where possible. This brochure was designed in the format of a higher quality A5 brochure, as shown here in "perfect binding".

Date created: February 2021 2021-02-01T00:00:00+0000
Date published: 3 April 2021 2021-04-03T00:48:18+0100


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