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For this project, I have chosen to create materials for an online exhibition about Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudí. This package contains a leaflet detailing the contents of the exhibition, a bottle of wine from Gaudí's winery and some seeds of the magnolia plant which inspired Gaudí's work.

I have chosen to use Casa Batlló as a primary source of inspiration for this project. I picked two colours from the roof as my colour palette. I chose the muted green and pink tones as they are still reminiscent of the building, but when used in a very flat, two-dimensional way, brings a modern and sophisticated feel to the designs.

I chose to use Branch as my heading font, as it it modern and elegant, but has Art Nouveau influences, as did Gaudí's architecture. I chose Gill Sans Light as a secondary font, for body text as it is fine and delicate, but easy to read.

The package is delivered to the viewer in a wine bottle gift bag. I have been inspired by the "spine" of the roof from Gaudí's building, Casa Batlló, and placed wooden beads in a similar colour scheme on the handle of the bag. The background of the bag is a silhouette of the same building, which is one of the architect's best recognised. 
For the leaflet in the package, I still used the same colour scheme. It would be printed on 280gsm card, and then die-cut in the shapes of the buildings to create a layered cityscape. The leaflet, when unfolded is equivalent to A3, which fits neatly in the wine bag. The ticket is printed on the same card, cut with a perforated line to create the stub (though this is more for a visual purpose as the exhibition is online). A QR code takes the viewer to their exclusive link for the exhibition.

The free gift with this exhibition is a bottle of wine from the region of Spain which inspired Gaudí's designs' plant-like forms and winding elements. The wine was made in one of the wineries Gaudí designed. This creates an immersive experience for the viewer at home- they will be actively engaging in the exhibition and enjoying a glass of wine which has so many ties to the architect. The wine is called Batlló, after Gaudí's Casa Batlló, the silhouette of which is in the background of the label, and on the seal around the cork. The green colour I have used throughout this project is complementary to the green of the wine bottle itself.

An additional free gift, which the viewer can enjoy for a long time after the exhibition, is a pack of magnolia seeds. They can grow their own magnolia plant; the waved leaves of which played a huge part in inspiring Gaudí's buildings. The leaves are shaped in a way which allows water to drain from them, which Gaudí employed on many of his famous buildings. The seeds come in a resealable paper bag, with stickers on the front, back and top featuring my designs. I've designed the stickers in line with the rest of the branding: featuring a simple silhouette of a magnolia twig, and some context and growing instructions on the back.

Date created: May 2021 2021-05-01T00:00:00+0100
Date published: 6 May 2021 2021-05-06T22:46:18+0100


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