Innovative campaign creates awareness and engagement

Dubai Tomorrow is campaign to promote Dubai and attract visitors specifically from the UK, through an onsite activation (based in Waterloo Station in London) and through an online platform.

Participants engaged with the activation booths by having photos taken then superimposed on Dubai landscapes and completing a Virtual Reality (VR) quest.

The online platform allowed users to register, complete various activities and gain as many points as possible with the objective to win prizes.

Marrying online and offline engagement

We developed a responsive microsite for the campaign that would essentially drive user engagement.

The site seamlessly integrated with the onsite activation technology, to provide users with an online and offline experience.

Users were able to unlock and view hidden content such as videos, share their generated photos on social media, complete a custom built HTML5 game and perform other interactive activities, while gaining valuable points for each activity completed.

The aim of all these elements is to gain as many points as possible to stand a greater chance of winning prizes.

The gamification mechanism resulted in a fun, rewarding and engaging user-experience, crucial to ensure user participation.

BOOM! Another Successful Project.

The microsite complimented the physical onsite activation and further enhanced the user experience of the entire campaign.

The points / gamification aspect drove user engagement by rewarding users whilst making it a fun experience at the same time.

Social media integration brought a viral aspect to the campaign resulting in vast brand exposure and additional people taking part in the campaign.

Dubai Tomorrow