Eleanor Broderick Product Design Lead


To create a visual identity and campaign for Londons largest celebration of Car Free Day. To drive footfall and raise the profile of the event, to promote it in an inclusive and accessible way. To deliver and rollout within 4 months.

An inspirational event title - Reimagine. Your City. Car Free was used to convey a sense of how streets could be enjoyed without vehicles. A series of eye-catching montages were created that depicted Londoners engaged in a range of unexpected activities on streets usually packed with vehicles. Images of nature with a playful sense of scale added a sense of whimsey. These montages were rolled out across digital and offline touchpoint across TfL and GLA channels as well as paid and organic digital media. Event signage and wayfinding continued the Reimagine theme.

A YouGov survey showed 45% of Londoners were aware of a Car Free Day event happening on 22 Sept. 79% of those attended rated the event as excellent, very good or good. 65% of those attended felt inspired to use a car less. Strong appetite to repeat the event in 2020.

Who pooled - Reimagine. Your City. Car Free. - Creative Campaign