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The challenge
To create an international brand-licensing proposition that truly encompasses and embodies the passion, style and success of “Azzurri” and showcasing the brand potential.

Our response
Competitor research, analysis and benchmarking was carried out in order to define the key markets and licensing opportunities. Ego generated visuals to demonstrate brand equity and awareness transcending football and extending the brand into fashion, home ware and beyond, leveraging the FIGC’s unique heritage, culture and success. Sub brands were also identified and developed, again extending the licensing potential and appealing to a wider range of audiences.

Ego used this visualisation to create a compelling and inspirational brochure to showcase the incredible potential of the FIGC brands. The Italian influence of design, sophistication and lifestyle was brought through to present desirable and subtle products alongside the football fandom.

A flexible and scalable proposition was defined that would work across different media, marketing and production processes.

Primary Audience
Football fans
Italian lifestyle seekers

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Kicking off licensing success