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The basics...

Edvin is an experienced copywriter, editor & marketer. His journey started in 2009 when his friend invited him to help with promoting CPA offers for all kinds of products.

Edvin quickly discovered a knack for creating & running websites, writing & managing content, learned SEO from the likes of Brain Dean, and soon specialized in content writing for businesses in order to fund his entrepreneurial dreams.

He's worked with hundreds of clients across all mainstream industries since 2011. In his free time, Edvin enjoys contemplating life, society, and reading psychology & fiction.

In 2020, Edvin specialized as a direct response copywriter and has already created many success stories for entrepreneurs and companies.

Want to really get to know me

Jordan Peterson and Alan Watts have shaped my mind. Jocko Willink and Simon Sinek have helped me understand the cores of extreme ownership and leadership. Last, but not least, the Stoic philosophy guides me in all things in life.

Having started back in 2009, I sometimes found myself thinking I'm an experienced professional ready to take on anything. I can only thank the sheer luck of fate, that I have the ability to pull myself back down, and say to myself:

"There's always more to learn. No true master has ever thought of himself as such."

That's my way of saying I know how to write copy or market a product, but I am well aware there's always more to learn and improve.

A decade ago I felt incredibly happy and confident, having just finished my 10th freelance assignment - ever. I remember imagining how the 100th will feel. "How much more confident will I be then

But little did I know, my confidence didn't soar through the sky as I had so naively imagined. Instead, it's as if it went backwards. I've realized the more experience I so hungrily stuffed under my belt, I started feeling more anxious about the next assignment.

It took time, but I eventually realized that the more you learn - the more you realize how little you know.

For a time, I carried this dire feeling like a 10-pound chain around my neck. Every assignment I took, I had to ask myself:

"Am I truly up to this

I let this fester for some time until I realized:

"You cannot cling on what you don't know, else you would still carry that feeling a 1000 years later."

And this:

"The best way to learn is to try. Sometimes through success, and especially through failure."

And so I did. I launched my own websites, blogs, channels, and worked with hundreds of people all over the world. Today, knowing how little I knew then, I'm baffled at how well I still managed to perform.

Better said:

I'm baffled with how many times I was able to get into a creative, intelligent, and knowledgeable team, with a leader that knew how to help me reach my potential on their projects.

Me, my Kindle e-book reader, and wonderful people all around the world have thought me everything I know today:

- Optimizing websites and content for search engines (SEO)

- Running - managing - and optimizing PPC campaigns

- Editing photos and videos for creatives & websites

- Hiring and managing talented designers and writers,

And lastly, something I'm most thankful for:

- Copywriting!

That said, I still attribute a large amount of success in life, career, and character to my parents. Unconditional love, care, and emotion from my mother, and entrepreneurial spirit, sense of responsibility, and honest business from my father.

The family owned business I've been a part of has given me so much, and I have, in return, done my best to give back the best I can - be it in sales and customer support, or online - in managing websites, content, social media, and all in between over the past 5 years.

So, what have you been up to

I'm sure you've had your own challenges you had to overcome in life.

And I'm sure you've got a few more to scratch off the list. If one of those is a business where you get the feeling I could help - it would be a true pleasure.

That's why I'm offering you a free copy audit - right now - for all your print or online content.

I'll take in your brand as if it were my own, go through your stuff, analytics, and marketing - and let you know what I think. If I genuinely feel - without a shred of a doubt - that I could help you thrive - I'll let you know, and we can start working together.

If you, for any reason, feel that my proposal for your specific business isn't attractive - you're free to go.

All I ask is that you save my contact details in case you change your mind down the road.

Get your free audit now.

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