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The arts are a big part of my life, always writing, playing and producing music, painting and drawing, photography and filming... I feel I will explode if I'm not creating something, maybe its curse, I'm not quite sure

And then their is design, what I do for a job, being paid to do something I would do for free. I find this crazy over the past ten years I have had the great privilege of working for the biggest brands in the world, like cola-cola, nestle, mcLaren, nike and the some of thing biggest sports personalities in the world such as manny pacquiao and phil the power taylor.

What I don't know about design, branding and print can be written on a postage stamp.

I have been responsible for the design of over thousand types of packaging, hundreds of successful and globally known brands, hundreds brochures and ninty global marketing campaigns.

For me this only the beginning.

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Witham, Essex, United Kingdom
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