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Email marketing platform Mailchimp has launched a new original video series charting the success and failures of three very different entrepreneurs.

Introduced through the company’s new business entertainment platform Mailchimp Presents and created by Droga5, the work consists of three videos telling their stories to show that in business you need to be prepared for anything.

The unscripted advice from the three is given through explanations of their unexpected professions. Dusty Tuckness is a bull wrangler; Diane Benscoter is an ex-cult member and community philanthropist and Tanmay Bakshi is a child computer whiz.

For Tuckness, wrangling a bull is no different than being an FBI agent, a firefighter or anyone else who works in intense situations.

Joining the Unification Church provided Benscoter with a sense of belonging, but she eventually came to disagree with the cult’s teachings.

Tanmay Bakshi started programming at the age of five just for fun. Now as a he's a successful 14-year-old developer.

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