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See how animated storytelling helps your business

Do you know why we have waited almost 8 years for Game of Thrones to finish? Why the book “Becoming” by Michelle Obama is the best seller book everywhere? Why do we keep listening to the kind of music that speaks to us? We are obsessed with storytelling. We have always been.

Game of thrones

Strong storytelling influence the audience. It makes some changes in the beliefs system or even creates some of the new ones. If you bring storytelling to your business, your target audience takes your preferred actions.  

Benefits of using storytelling in your business

Have you ever encountered the situation where you want to operate a transaction in a business, but you feel like: I don’t know why I feel this way but I can’t connect to the presented content? Storytelling results in a strong, meaningful, living connection with the audience. While simple quotes, slogans, and copies go a long way toward creating the same connection, storytelling is the thing that enhances all the business campaigns. Storytelling personalizes the facts, features of a business and humanizes the details behind it. Therefore, the data becomes relevant to real people in the real world. When you tell the story of your business, people get how it has affected you and your team.storytellingStorytelling simplifies complex data and information. Sometimes you need to visualize another context and give examples in that context. So that the audience can imagine different situations and can take actions. Using storytelling like this in your business, pause the transaction or presenting process and refreshes audiences mind and let them come back to the first context with a new perspective. This new perspective helps you to define your identity truly and as a human, not just a business.

Physiological Impact of storytelling 

Have you ever cried with a drama or romance movie? Felt afraid when watching The Nun or any other horror movie? Or even been excited during an action movie? Your answer is for sure yes. Because our brain believes the stories and thinks they are real and have a physiological reaction to stories. When we are exposed to a story both our language processing parts of our brain and the motor cortex, sensory, visual, and auditory part can be activated and react to the story. Thus a story can make the whole parts of brain work and make you feel what the characters are feeling, for example how the warrior feels in the war. In the business spectrum, people tend not to make a rational decision when they buy goods. People mostly buy emotionally and then try to justify it with logic.   Stories make us believe and shape new frameworks for faith and beliefs. We have grown up the same way. Our parents taught the difference between a good deed and a bad deed through stories. They simplified this difference for our naïve minds through stories, fables, and myths. Today, as grownups, we do the same. We teach morality to our children in the same way.



Stories have this ability to provoke feelings in people so that they feel the story as their own experience. If you tell your brand’s story or what happens when someone uses your product or service positively, it is likely they have already seen your brand and used your services.  

Using animated storytelling for your business

When it comes to business the stakes are too high. The competition is so close and you have to have a good advertising campaign in order to stand out and be seen by your target audience. Today we merely pay attention to the billboard and newspapers, flyers or anything so tangible. Media has become so vast that it is crucial to have appealing content in order to be seen. Animated storytelling is the solution to many marketing and business problems.   Animated storytelling is no longer a media for children and teenagers. People with all age range engage with this media on different platforms. Its attractive and attention-grabbing notion and simple yet sophisticated content have made it a great tool to increase brand recognition and awareness. Animated storytelling does not have the limitations of life like footages. You can visualize any story that crosses your mind and tell it. From the stories of elves and goblins to dwarfs and cupid. That is the power of animated storytelling.storytellingFurthermore, you can always count on animation. The story can be either something new and fabulous or a repetition of what has been told before. Anyway, animation is something that helps you to visualize it.  


Today animation is not just a branch of art that has been developed in years due to technological enhancement. Animation is weaved to different fields like education and business. Animated storytelling has been helping many advertising campaigns like Cisco and Pinterest in years. you can influence your target audience more effectively and increase your sale. Decide today. Our marketing and animation consultant can help you raise your brand awareness and increase your sale.


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