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AdeZ extends the Coca-Cola promise of being a total beverage company, providing a drink to meet every need, every day. With the impending sugar-tax and a decline in the consumption of carbonated drinks, Coca-Cola spotted an opportunity in the ready-to-drink category and seized it with the purchase of AdeZ from Unilever in 2016.

Dragon Rouge took on this challenge with the aim of generating a brand identity reflective of the authenticity of the ingredients, the taste appeal of the flavours and the essence of AdeZ. The AdeZ philosophy is simple, and as such we want to convey our story simply, with ingredients and flavours helping to show energy, vibrancy and strength. The Plant Marker used as an anchor on every bottle, makes the information on pack easy to digest, whilst reflecting the seed origin of the beverage. AdeZ uses a deep, warm cream as a background colour to signal nutrition from natural, satisfying sources. The cream colour clearly signals that AdeZ is not milk-based product. The wallpapers help to set the vibrant, upbeat and dynamic AdeZ scene whilst also showing off the mouth-watering quality of the AdeZ liquid.

Creating the AdeZ identity was a particularly tricky challenge for Coca-Cola, as it’s essentially etching out an entirely new product sector – a dairy alternative, individual serving-sized drink. We built the brand upon the colours and symbols of the natural, nutritious elements present in the AdeZ drink.

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Nature’s potential and the AdeZ impact