The objective was to introduce a new way of dating in the Metaverse. Our creatives focused in on how effective a matchmaker this new platform is and showcased the likelihood of a successful relationship in the real world.

The commercial was designed to appeal to those who may have given up on dating apps. Our concept focused around a heart-warming story, a successful relationship which was founded in the Metaverse.

Filmed on location in South Africa, the production team were able to utilise a number of beauty-spots, which provided the perfect backdrop for a love story.

Music was written for this commercial. The track was composed specifically for our commercial, to ensure the music pulled heartstrings in the right direction.

Designed to appeal to a female audience, who often talk about traditional dating apps failing to deliver and being dangerous. We knew a ‘success story’ would appeal. This is VR matchmaking working out well.

Developing a commercial for a world first is was a real privilege and the resulting video advertisement really hit the mark.



Project featured: on 15th May 2024

Right To Love