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The first decision one needs to make when writing their LinkedIn summary is whether or not they are going to talk about themselves in the third person. Which right off the bat, with the exception of very few people, is sort of delusional. As if talking about yourself in the third person might snow people into believing that you have an entire team of publicists working on your behalf and that this summary is an objective analysis of your amazingness that you had no hand in crafting.

Net, I'm going to opt for first person.

I started out using the left side of brain, made an abrupt shift to the right, and have slowly drifted back to somewhere in the middle where I try to leverage an aptitude for using both sides. I started my career in Finance/Accounting at Procter & Gamble, then decided I wanted to do something a bit more creative, and shifted into Brand Management. That didn't quite scratch the itch, so I decided I wanted to be a copywriter. And Barefoot Advertising was born. Now Barefoot Proximity. One of Proximity Worldwide's lead agencies and an Omnicom Precision Marketing Group member.

After Barefoot was acquired, I took a network role within BBDO/Proximity guiding Digital Innovation globally for several years. After that, I continued to guide business strategy as Chairman of Barefoot Proximity, and the innovation work I initiated for the network evolved into something I pursued independently. After 3 years in Barcelona, I returned to Cincinnati where I gave strategic guidance to venture-backed start-ups and helped them take their ideas to market, while continuing to wrestle with the question of what I wanted to be when I grew up.

In 2017, Proximity Worldwide separated from BBDO and became a part of the Omnicom Precision Marketing Group. I was asked, and accepted, to serve as Global CEO and to lead the network as we continued our evolution as an agency; one that leverages data-driven creativity to deliver personalized experiences at scale.

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