Second Life' was entered for IBM by Geometry Ogilvy Japan, Tokyo. The advertising agency is part of the agency network: Ogilvy & Mather and holding company: WPP Group.


  • IbmClient
  • Aki SugawaraCreative Services Director
  • Andy FenningCreative Director
  • BirdmanProduction Company
  • Fumikazu OkajimaDesigner
  • George SugitomoExecutive Creative Director
  • Junko IgarashiBusiness Director
  • Kasia GrabekArt Director
  • Masaharu MiyasakaDirector
  • Mitsue LinAccount Executive
  • Morris KuCreative Video Director
  • Naoaki KitaharaProject Manager
  • Naoki AsouFront-end Engineer
  • Naoko ItoStrategy Director
  • Naoya KataokaCopywriter
  • Natsuki TosaProduction Director
  • Ricardo AdolfoExecutive Creative Director
  • Ririko TatsumiArt Director
  • Roy Ryo TsukijiCreative Director
  • Shintaro HashimotoAssociate Creative Director
  • Shintaro HashimotoAssociate Creative Director
  • Shoya OzawaDesigner
  • Shudai MatsumotoTechnical Director
  • Takahisa MaedaBack-end Engineer
  • Takashi TsukamotoArt Director
  • Takeru KobayashiTechnical Director
  • Takumi SaitoFront-end Engineer
  • Tamami MaekawaProject Manager
  • Toshikazu SuzukiCopywriter
  • Wakaba MikataSenior Account Executive
  • Yoko KosinsProject Manager
  • Yoshihiko AbeDirector
  • Yoshihiro MiuraMotion Designer Camera Technician
  • Yuta TogaAssistant Director
  • Yutaro NagataCopywriter
  • * Doug SchiffChief Creative Officer
  • * Geometry Ogilvy JapanAdvertising Agency
  • * Cannes Lions Winners 2021

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