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I am creative in many ways. For me, expressing feelings is always what is most important whether it is through the body, face expressions, style or verbally. I always found it so hard to express myself well outside of my former career ( dancer ) or my current career ( Photography ). Sometimes my words don't seem to make sense to people. So I'd rather silently talk with movement or images. I get inspired from anything and everything really. I get moved by things I see along the way, little things, a look, a certain movement or else. I can equally see the layers in a landscape or inside a person. Sometimes it is in conflict sometimes in harmony. But it always looks like poetry to my eye. I would rather express myself in a non conflictual way because I am an empath and therefore I can understand many points of views through experiencing the feelings of other people I cross path with and also the feelings I have experienced for myself. So for me it is not ever a question of who inspires me to create but more so what does. I have learned since starting photography that you get put in a box very quickly and this used to bother me before because I can be versatile and create a wide range of things. Instead I see it as a strength, a way of being able to actually look at what is asked of me and provide images that hopefully people will feel instead. That way I always stay true to myself as a person because I photograph with my heart, not just to take a shot.


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