Dirty's Eli Sverdlov dreams up Littlewoods Christmas Winter Wonderland.

Dirty has joined forces with Littlewoods and St. Lukes for the 2017 holiday season to bring their Christmas campaign to life. The film follows a female lead, acted by Jennifer Biddall, who explores a life-size calendar world, and connects her to real life moments leading up to Christmas Day. With the help of Littlewoods 0% interest payment offer, she remains in control of the moments that matter. The ‘0’ key visual drives us forward, threading moments together and reminding us of the deals at Littlewoods.

Shot in Bucharest, Romania, production designer Mark Connelly built the fantastical life-sized calendar world of the film. Blocking out the August sunshine and blasting up the snow machines, a unique white Christmas was created within the vast studio space. Teaming up with Gravity Post Production, the seamless integration of post and production immerses the viewer in a playful and epic way.

With tonnes and tonnes of experience shooting high profile global campaigns, Eli Sverdlov’s unique style is highly regarded, often bringing a sense of magic and playfulness. Amongst his most high profile recent work are films for Oppo, Huawei, Duracell, Jim Beam, 888 Sport and Coca-Cola. Eli’s past work also includes films for Fiat, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Orange as well as his endlessly charming work for Pelephone.

Eli’s is known for his collaborative work ethic that allows him to work across different genres of storytelling – which makes him the nicest, Dirtiest man around.

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Littlewoods 'Own It' Christmas Campaign