Lala Berlin wanted to re-skin the ecommerce journey of their site and add new functionality to improve conversion throughout the site, including shoppable elements of lifestyle, and editorial sections.

The aim was to bring the website in line with the competition but also provide a unique design that reflected the uniqueness of lala Berlin as a brand.

We re-designed the Homepage, Listing, Detail and Collections based on a concept that we created to summarise lala Berlin both online and offline: Disruptive Elegance.


We were dedicated to creating a “wow” experience from the offset. Our main objective was to elevate the online look and feel and to translate the fashion, and product quality aspects of the brand into the digital world.

We created a unique navigation that is uncommon but clear. An immersive experience that starts with a full-screen image where lala Berlin’s fabulous content and collections instantly bring creative fashion and commercial structures together.

We kept the same sections from their previous Homepage but designed a new layout that was more in line with their editorial work. We also recommended changing some of these sections to promote their engaging Instagram content without introducing a site speed slowing live social network feed to the page.


As part of the re-skin, we also re-designed the site’s navigation, allowing our team to work with lala Berlin to create a new sitemap that required fewer clicks for product discovery and had a more friendly structure for SEO purposes.

We also introduced three important user experience elements that the previous website did not have, including quick search in the navigation, filtering and sort by on category pages.

Our team worked with lala Berlin to design an attributes matrix that improved the user experience and sped up access to products.


We redesigned the main pages to be more comfortable for all devices, specifically mobile as the experience before the re-skin needed to be improved.


The previous Collection page was not shoppable and was segmented across various different tabs within a page. The content was divided, hidden and made the experience click heavy for users.

We re-designed the page to include all of the content of a single collection in one place; creating a deep scroll page with easy to discover content that’s shoppable throughout.

Date created: September 2017 2017-09-01T00:00:00+0100
Date published: 5 September 2017 2017-09-05T11:02:08+0100


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Project featured: on 6th September 2017

Concept-based Re-Design for High-Fashion Brand lala Berlin