Young Digital Leader Awards

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If Friday the 25th of September is anything to go by, the future of the digital sector is most definitely going to be an interesting one. We hosted our first ever Young Digital Leader Awards to reward the top creative minds in the sector under the age of 30. We felt it important to look to the future minds that will shape the industry for years to come, and out of this the YDLAs were born.

The Young Digital Leader Awards was set out to reward young people in the sector based on their ability to get the job done regardless of age. The awards recognised innovation, creativity and individuals who delivered proven results for their companies. We saw a variety of entrants from both an agency and a client side background, from those who freelance and from permanent members of staff. Categories included Social Media Consultant of the Year, UX Consultant of the Year and Marketing Consultant of the Year.

How do we see these awards making a positive impact on the sector? I think rewarding the hard work done by a person or organisation is always a positive and provides a springboard for inspiration for others. The event also allowed a good amount of networking between these creative individuals. Sharing and collaborating ideas is key to the future of the industry and some of the best minds were able to get some facetime together last Friday

From marketing to UX, social to project management, all of our winners displayed passion for their sectors and clients. For a full list of winners, thoughts, reaction and pictures from the awards ceremony, take a look at our winner’s book, available here.


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